New Location - Brand New Guitar Build

We moved up the hill from Railtown and are now located at the Main Street, Kingsway, Broadway triangle. We are back into building guitars and have just completed this Tele. It is a one of a kind guitar with a patina hand finish.

Anchor Homeward Tele:
Hand rubbed black-wash patina finish  -  Compensated brass saddles
Grover tuners  -  Kent armstrong pickups
Graphtech nut  -  Solid alder body
1 piece maple neck  -  Guitar made in Canada


The Eisenhauers: Live In Studio

Jeremy and Sheree Eisenhauser will be gracefully debuting material 
from their upcoming full length album at our old studio space. The 
show will be in support of their kickstarted campaign to record a new
album in Nashville Tennessee: 


Black Gardenia: Live Anchor Video Session

Daphne Roubini the ”First Lady of Uke”, Paul Pigat classical guitar (Cousin Harley), Andy Smith electric guitar (Ruby & Smith), Patrick Metzger stand up bass (Viper Central), Chris Davis trumpet (Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings). This all star group of players piled into the Anchor Guitar Studio to warm up their hands and play/film the moody song 'Caravan', from their album 'No Moon At All'. '"Caravan" is a jazz standard composed by Juan Tizol and first performed by Duke Ellington in 1936.


New York in January -15C. It was freezing cold when I took this photo. Me and a friend walked around 10 miles that day, we went uptown, downtown, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Central Park, China Town, Little Italy. Pretty cool to see the Ramones guitars and bass guitars in the main guitar shop downtown. Cruised by two bros pizza in the East Village that place sells a thousand pizza's a day one of the workers told me. 
Touring Cuba with Arrabio in Cuba, packed open air venues, driving in 1950's Chevrolet taxi cabs. Cuban rock and roll bands still struggle from the trade embargo with the US. We continuously saw a generous spirit of giving and sharing between musicians. One guitar, one stomp tuner, all the drums, everything was shared that needed to be. Thanks Cuba!
The Anchor Guitar shop is backed up to 3 train tracks so it is no wonder that there have been hobo sightings in the alley and every now and then in the shop as well. Mostly the CP units are working the yard moving around container and grain cars. Recently there was a large "911 was an inside job" spray painted on the side of a train, pretty good train graffiti. 
Thin Lizzy playing a black Sparrow Rat Rod Ace. The boys were back in town. Me and a friend walked into Judas Priest dressing room and asked where we could get free beer. The guitar player of Judas Priest was offended and told us to F#@k Off! Where did the good ol' days of hanging out at the metal show and getting free beer go? I don't even drink beer so I found the whole episode to be quite amusing... The boys are back in town. 


Ricky Lavelle - My Favorite Guitar Player

Greatness can be distorted by talent, as talent can get in the way of passion, love, and sincerity. My friend Ricky Lavellie was not a talented guitar player but he was in my opinion my favorite guitar player because he was passionate, sincere, and filled with love for people and music. Ricky was a 50 year old resident of the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, and he was a friend of many. He was a slow walker and a slow talker, and most days you could find Ricky playing music in the DTES, he especially loved old gospel songs. Ricky stood up for the poor and he often was on the frontline protesting for low income peoples housing rights. 

Ricky was my friend and we played music for many hours. The last time that I saw Ricky was as a Christmas party in the DTES, we played 30+ Christmas songs, well we played a portion of over 30 Christmas songs. The thing is that Ricky did not know many songs, but he knew countless parts of songs, so he would mix choruses and verses of different songs in the same number. Also Ricky played in open G and just made things work. I am not sure if he even knew how to play cowboy chords. Many times Ricky would get his guitar stolen and those were some of his darkest days. Great to see him with a guitar in his hands. 
The night that this bonfire picture was taken Ricky was so excited to be singing around a fire that he played through the night. I went to bed at midnight and work up the next morning at sunrise and he was still in the same chair waiting for someone to wake up and rejoin him to sing more songs. That is that way that he was, always filled with joy when spending time with a circle of friends sharing story and song. 

"Well I am I am trying say, let's keep the fight up for this place, and keep going with it all the way."

Ricky Lavallie 1960 - 2012


9 New Sparrow Guitars Posted!

We have 9 new guitar posted on the 'Sparrow Guitars' pages. Contact us for any inquiries you have. 

Sparrow Primitive 335 boss/pro, transparent red.  Comes with 
Grover tuners. 

Sparrow Primitive 335 ace/boss/pro, transparent red. Comes with a 
Bigsby style vibrato, and Grover tuners

Sparrow Primitive 335 ace/boss/pro, transparent blue. Comes with a 
Bigsby vibrato, and Grover tuners 

Sparrow/Anchor Twangmaster/Telecaster old white, comes with  
Grover tuners, and Kent Armstrong pickups


How To Change Electric Guitar Strings in 7 Easy Steps

Changing strings is the most basic part of setting up a guitar. If you are a guitar player or a beginner guitar player this is a must know skill to have. For all of you seasoned guitar players don't worry about this post. The guitar model (Sparrow Primitive, 335, Boss/Pro, Transparent Red) pictured in this post is for sale on our guitar page.

Step #1: Clean your work station.
  • Having a clean work station may be obvious to some, but to others it can be a real challenge. Take five minutes before you begin to change your strings to make sure that your work station is cleaned up from you previous project. I suspect that some of you will be doing this on your kitchen table, on your guitar case on the floor or on your lap watching a football game. Anywhere is fine as long as you can get the job done!

Step #2: Remove old strings.
  • This step is what is coming between you and your guitar being newly stringed. This is the most dangerous part of the job! The key to not having strings flying around the room is to unwind them before you cut them, or just unwind them all the way. If you have a string winding tool it can really help to speed up the process.