Adventures #1

The Arch in St. Louis Missouri what a sight. Chuck Berry is from Saint Louis. Me and two friends got kicked out from hanging under the gateway arch. The security guard that kicked us out was really into his job, he followed us over two blocks and then threatened to call the cops on us if we came back to the park. 

Blood Alley in Gastown Vancouver, the alley street used to run red with blood after the butchers had worked chopping meat all day. 'Blood Alley' would be a great name for a metal band. 


Red Sparrow 335 style 'Primitive Ace' with custom pinstripes. These guitars are really smooth players, fast neck, stainless steel frets, wired in Canada with top of the line electronic components, bone nut, Grover Tuners, great sounding, great playing. 

There is something so nostalgic about a table of tapes at a flea market or garage sale. Classic tapes like Mozart, Batman Movie, Aerosmith, Ziggy Marley, ZZ Top, Meat Loaf. I am not sure who is buying tapes these days, but if you are there is a whole world of selection  out there for you.  

This Heron flew right past the back window of our shop.