9 New Sparrow Guitars Posted!

We have 9 new guitar posted on the 'Sparrow Guitars' pages. Contact us for any inquiries you have. 

Sparrow Primitive 335 boss/pro, transparent red.  Comes with 
Grover tuners. 

Sparrow Primitive 335 ace/boss/pro, transparent red. Comes with a 
Bigsby style vibrato, and Grover tuners

Sparrow Primitive 335 ace/boss/pro, transparent blue. Comes with a 
Bigsby vibrato, and Grover tuners 

Sparrow/Anchor Twangmaster/Telecaster old white, comes with  
Grover tuners, and Kent Armstrong pickups

Sparrow/Anchor Rat Rod Jr./Les Paul Jr. white. Comes with 
Grover tuners, dog ear P-90

Sparrow Primitive/335 black with Grover tuners and custom 
hand painted fine line rocket pinstripe design

Sparrow Twangmaster/Telecaster black, comes with Grover

Sparrow Twangmaster/Telecaster metallic silver, comes with 
Grover Tuners, and Kent Armstrong pickups

Custom one of a kind Bob Scott hand painted Sparrow Big Daddy/6120. 
Comes with Grover tuners and Bigsby vibrato bridge