We take on freelance photography projects for events, live music, product shots etc. Here is a portfolio collection of photos we have shot from all around the world. 
Rich Hope live at the Wise Hall, New Years eve 2013. 

Singing Yukon skies above the Big Salmon River.

Kathleen Nisbit of Viper Central takes a break between shots during 'The Mission' video shoot.

Cuban cigar abandoned on a hopeless piano. Disaster Daze 2011. 

Sheree Plett filming 'In This City' at the Anchor Guitar Shop spring 2014. 

Jon Lee Brooklyn bridge NYC negative 10 Celsius, January 2010 passed midnight.  

Jeremy Eisenhauer playing a Sparrow Big Daddy in front of the Anchor Guitar shop wall of guitars. Annual Christmas party at the Anchor Studio.

Streets in Cuba full of life late into the evening. 

Welcoming Jesus, dedicated lady. 

Winter dreams in Jasper Alberta, Airstream camper trailer.

Endless possibilities as the lake changes its appearance hourly. The spring sun sets and the winter storms die down at the Kootenay lake. If you take yourself away from the noise of the city, away from the distracting billboards and endless traffic, and intentionally place yourself near peaceful water, beautiful mountains, and tall green trees you will find that there is a kind of agreement in the wilderness between the plants, trees, animals and birds. You can experience healing from that agreement, you can also become a part of that mutual agreement.

Plein air painting, painting outside, breathing the fresh air, listening to the sounds of the birds and people. Watercolor painting of the Holy Trinity Church in Strathcona Vancouver Canada. 

Letting go, rebel yell. 

Accidental heroes that history forced into the spotlight, Rodney King, and Rosa Parks. 

9 o'clock canon surprise in the Vancouver harbor. The joy of friendship is surprising at times. 

This man has been more successful at being kind in his life than anyone else I have ever met.

This statue can easily grab your attention. It is by the waterfront train station in Vancouver BC. Fallen soldier carried by an angel, it does not remind me to be patriotic but rather compassionate for all who suffer from war.

Zenga Bros in East Vancouver. Check out the Zenga Bros creative videos all over the web.

Fresh spring floral arrangements can freshen up even the darkest places. Seattle Washington. 

Wild turkey & peacock feathers.

St. Herman of Alaska Monastery Platina California, night vigil.

This photo was taken while riding on the backseat of another bike. Notice the blurry grass on the left side of the photo. It was a difficult photo to take.

Birchdale BC, sitting just north of Kaslo on the eastern side of the Kootenay lake. Early morning plein air painting. 

Reflections of a well loved cabin.

Opus art demo how to paint alla prima oil paintings.

A burst of light at the break of dawn.

The deep of the night.
East Vancouver legend in the making.

Lonesome tree in a field.

We are always learning.

Old brothers.

Endless well used cast iron pans.

East Village Manhattan.

Cherished paintings. The starry night. This painting has somehow captured the energy of generations. It was an experience to realize how much people have enjoyed it over the years.

Peaceful roar of a 48' well going through the hope valley BC.